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This is an email I received today. Take a moment to send a message to those who aspire to be your future masters!


I never normally do this sort of thing, but I feel that the pressures being brought to bear on Wikileaks are threatening freedom of speech everywhere and will set a precedent for years to come - if we do not act, the way will be cleared for censorship by proxy and directly, using govt regulation or pressure on commercial companies like Paypal, Amazon and EasyDNS to follow a government line

Things that may be strengthened and empowered include ISP based internet filters in Australia, Media Tribunals in South Africa amongst other anti democratic tools that governments everywhere would love to use - especially those that would like their "private business" to remain private - allowing corruption to continue and dissident views to be suppressed.

Burma, Zimbabwe, China and others will be encouraged to continue their practice of shutting down free speech because the West has been proven to do so, when we should be setting the moral high ground.

If we do not do something, we may be expected to see in future that the news will be limited to the banalities of Lady Gaga's "controversial" dress sense or what Paris Hilton did on Saturday night. And it will be our fault.

Avvaaz are initiating a petition to work against the Wikileaks crackdown.

I've just signed the petition and urge you to do the same to stop the Wikileaks crackdown. We need to know the truth and stop politicians lying to the world.

I think you'll be interested and might want to support the campaign, too. Check out the link below and join me in signing:

I also urge you to donate to Wikileaks if at all possible.

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