Our energy future

If you read the newspapers you'll notice that there is almost a constant dialogue surrounding carbon trading and the politics of carbon trading. The reason for carbon trading being such a big news item is that the term is shorthand for 'more expensive energy in the future'.

At the same time that we get hit with some sort of carbon trading cost, we are also facing peak oil being that particular slice of history where incremental supplies of carbon fuels and products will be harder to tap from the earth's crust. Now there are new, cleaner greener sources of energy coming on stream including solar and there is evidence that global growth has decoupled from fossil fuel needs to some extent but the big question is, 'will clean tech come on fast enough to save the day'?

For a civilisation dependent on cheap reliable energy, we are rapidly entering that zone where a failure to bridge successfully to a 'post carbon world' may render us 'failed'.

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