Lubrication oil and fuel filtration - breaking the acid cycle by removing moisture-in-emulsion and replacing 1930's technology....

Winchester Global PL through its oil filter product ProtxL ( protects all ) addresses the fundamental issues of machine availability, performance and extended service life. These issues largely are a function of moisture-in-emulsion and particulate contamination of lubrication oils and fuel. ProtxL removes 100% of moisture-in-emulsion and particulate contamination above 3 micron. It breaks the acid cycle within engines by ensuring both lubrication oils and diesel fuel are “clean and dry.” Very significant machine service and maintenance cost savings of 50% are readily available when procurement policy requires that all engines, gear boxes and hydraulic systems must be supplied with oil filtration that perform to better than Nas6 Standard and that all fuel filtration must perform to Euro 5 Standard. This does not void OEM warranty and existing machinery can be retro fitted and still achieve a 50% net service cost saving. Extending oil replacement intervals from traditional 250 hour out to 5,500 hours reduces waste oil by a factor of up to 20, a significant environmental improvement beyond those of optimum fuel efficiency and maintaining new engine emission standards. This product epitomizes the desired “triple bottom line.” Winchester Global aims to improve the entire world inventory of engines, gensets and turbines and the company is always willin to talk with prospective clients and possibly “partners” being groups that can not only supply a capital injection but has the industry contacts and political connections to ensure this product goes global, not only for the success of the company and the benefits to the clients but also for the health and welfare of the planet. If this is of any interest interest please contact Jonathan Shack for an introduction to Winchester Global and its product, ProtxL.

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Posted On: 1/1/0001
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