Kimberley tides + HVDC - key to a new energy future

Tides in the Kimberley (Far north of Western Australia) are some of the most powerful in the world but the area is extremely remote and over 2000km's from Perth. New HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current ) power lines are the answer to transporting power from this remote region back to Perth or the Pilbara where much of the Western Australian mining industry conducts its' activity.

Under federal law, Western Australia must generate 20% of its' energy from renewable sources by 2020. Murdoch University enegy professor, Adam McHugh is convinced that tidal power generated by turbines that spin as the tide surges in & out could be the 'magic bullet' for WA's energy needs.

Future demand for enegy is expected to top 7000MW compared to current demand that sits at about 5000MW per annum.

As HVDC transmission is now competitive with traditional AC powerlines but with the potential to reduce power loss over long distances from 50% to less than 10%, Western Australia has a very bright future.

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