C2030 Broome – Housing, Accommodation & Affordability

Talking points at C2030 Broome on housing & affordability were presented by Kathleen Gregory, Foundation Housing, Rowena Strain, Homeless Action Group & Antoine Bloemen, Kimberley Magistrate

Some of the points that arose were –

The Kimberleys & Broome in particular have the highest rate of homelessness in Western Australia

·         There is a real need for different styles of housing & accommodation that is sensitive to the cultural background of the potential inhabitants

·         Broome is in a catch 22 situation where land prices on new releases are artificially inflated by controlled supply to support existing housing prices

·         There is no denying the massive availability of land

·         Construction costs in the far north of Western Australia are very high

·         Container homes with a ‘Broome Design’ may be part of the solution

·         The situation is dire & needs immediate attention

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