Attack on the Control Circuit –Current Time 11.59, Space – Land of the 7 Seven Stars

As we enter the Age of Aquarius, we witness the great forces of the Universe at work; forces that have lain hidden for an age. These forces follow a primal time based archetype that has cycled through history in a fractal recursive pattern. A full understanding of the natural pattern was known of by the ancients and a story woven tightly around its structure in the narrative of gods and goddesses. The current controllers, the Holly Roman Catholic Church hides the complete narrative in the bowls of the Vatican library while supplying their own special version of the myth, especially prepared by Paul for the eyes & ears of the sheep.

The structure of the recursive time archetype is recognised in our connection with mother earth, her bounty and the sky including the sun the moon and the stars connected with our sense of time, menstrual cycles and navigation.

Today the secret, sacred serpent knowledge hidden in the 7 seven scrolls is coming out. The evil single serpent of six is being outed. In the age of eagles and skulls, in the aftermath of a blood sacrifice that spilt blood to the 4 four corners of the great mother, the entwined serpents are glowing and the left hander, out of accord, time of the green man has arrived.

Primary control points –

Energy represented by the $ and held hostage by the banking cartel and their elite cronies. Your masters! Food & fuel = stored energy or physical security.

Knowledge managed through the schooling system - The gradual transfer of education to private schools under control of the church should leave you under no misconception as to who wants to deliver the education.

Laws of the land – Review them and fight for change where necessary; they are just words after all used for some purpose or other.

Media – Ask who owns what major content distribution nodes. Learn who associates with who in the circles of the elite media masters.

Health – You think that the entwined serpents are a symbol of the sickness industry? Do not be deluded. The entwined blue serpent is a symbol of unity, balance and creative engagement. Hermes, Quetzalcoatl and many other mythical beings have been associated with this symbol of trade, union commerce & reproduction.

The Rod of Asclepius with a single serpent represents the sickness industry. It is out of balance representing dis – ease.

Ask why the dollar $ is used for trade while the symbol of trade was integrated into medicine. You will find the story buried deep within mystery and intrigue.

Plan of Attack

Step 1 – Develop self control and self knowledge. Learn how you are moved by your primal urges including reproduction, hierarchy, territory and ritual.

Step 2 - Inoculate yourself & your family against the propaganda and fear mongering of the power hungry by educating yourselves on your history and the techniques used to control you and your ancestors throughout history from the time of the dark ages and before. Control is easier if the masses are disoriented with their minds kept below their belts and brains are fed with fear mongering.

Step 3 – Share your knowledge.

Only when the last priest is strangled with the guts of the last politician will we be free.

New State - Bottom up organisation empowered by artificial intelligence optimised for individualistic, creativity and freedom.

Pluto brings forth the revolutionaries, ready to tear down the frayed old structure in order for a new one to emerge. They come not in their ones or twos but in their legions.

Further information on the control circuit -

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