LulzSec and Anonymous join Forces for Operation #AntiSec

Don't worry about the clash of civilisations between East & West, here is the real deal! I reported on the start of World War 3 here and now notice that the war has ratcheted up a notch with the start of a joint Freedom Operation .

This is a typical guerrilla war, with significant asymeteries. On the one side we have the historical command & control structure backed up by big money and protected by a military industrial complex. On the other side we have an emerging organism without a centralised command structure and sharing a common bond of a desire for freedom.

To place this in context, the efforts of Anonymous appear to have been a little like a fly anoying an elephant. This is not to say that the balance of power cannot shift because big things can emerge from small things, a huge tree can grow from a seed.

The future is indeed interesting, especially where the Internet and freedom is concerned.

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