C2030 Perth – Big Opportunities

John Day MLA, Minister for Planning, Arts & Culture made the following points -

  • The summit will have a focus on Perth
  • Western Australia is 2,500,000 square kilometres or an area the size of Europe
  • There will be big opportunities and good prospects for West Australian’s
  • Western Australia is a boom bust state, 1890’s the goldrush and the goldfields, 1960’s Iron ore and more recently gas
  • We need to consider how to diversify the spread of our population into the regions
  • We need to consider climate change & energy use
  • There is a need for a higher degree of urban density
  • Protection & conservation of the environment is important
  • There are a number of long term development projects on the Government radar including, Northbridge/city link project, Land use Planning Framework – Directions 2031 Open for Comments, Perth & Peel regions, extra 330,000 homes & 550,000 people, 47% via urban infill, opportunities around major transport lines, 10 homes per hectare will push up to 15 per hectare, more choice & diversity in types of home, time to grow ‘upwards’, Perth Waterfront Project (Riverside, WACA Ground, Causeway), will be precinct for residential living, commerce & tourism, Belmont Race Course into high density housing, Scarborough beach area, Victoria Park area, precinct around state library & museum, industrial land around Perth Region, Hope Valley, Wattleup, Airports expanded
  • Reduction in red tape
  • Need to be proactive
  • Urban form & design
  • Retail trading hours
  • Change in the way planning transpires