C2030 Perth - The future of Perth city

Professor Richard Weller presented a fascinating topic on what the future holds for Perth at the C2030 Perth summit. Some of the major topic points included –

  • Perth is currently network centric
  • By 2050 Perth will have doubled in size, the magnetism if the CBD will have given way to multiple nodes and the city will be polycentric
  • The city will be far from self sufficient
  • The population will have expanded from 1.6 million to between 3 and 4.2 million
  • 1.1   million new homes or 1.4 million new apartments will have been built
  • 85% of all new development will be urban sprawl
  • Suburbs are not necessarily a negative and will still be good places to live in though expect the size of the backyard to keep decreasing as it is used less & less
  • Massive amounts of land are still available, at least 118,000 hectares inland
  • Already, Perth is the biggest sprawled city on the planet
  • Spread out cities are not the optimal configuration. Density & size brings the benefit of inverse power requirement ratios
  • If everyone on the planet were to live like we do in Perth, we’d need 5 planets the size of Earth


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