The Caduceus, the Star of David & the Omega

The Star of David encodes the same message as the Caduceus, representing our energetic structure and the life force that makes us human all birthed from the transformation of the closed Alpha to the open Omega.  Before you move on, be sure to note that the ‘exit point’ on the magic squares below to the next brane or level in 3D space is number seven and that the magic squares are constructed with nine numbers. Some interest in geometry will assist one’s appreciation of the relationships between these symbols though the same story can be appreciated by simply examining the symbols and their use in various cultures.

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Media Leviathan found in Western Australia

The Adventures of Bob Green & Bond

First, an important message from President Robert J. Kennedy

 Bob Green picked up his pace as he strode to his Canberra office. There was a particular odour in the air, a strange mix of fear and decay. Ever since the British tentacle of the Murdoch Empire had been caught engaging in necrophilia, the reds and the blues had sensed that their game was nearly up. An agreement was reached that the status quo would be retained at all costs. No enquiry into media ownership would be considered; to do so would incur unnecessary wrath. Now with one Leviathan wounded and off balance, the time for action had arrived. Bob had to act.

 Bond rose from his long slumber and looked out from his log cabin into the mist rolling through the Balingup forest. He was here because July was a perfect month for picking and experiencing the psychedelic shrooms that grew wild in this cool, damp part of Western Australia. Bond was also studying the rich history of the Mayan and Aztec in South America and had just connected the Seven Serpent, with the sacred magic mushroom. Piltzintecuhtli, or Seven Serpent, as she was referred to, was a god of the rising sun, healing, and visions.

 Bond was under deep cover; in fact he'd had his finger tips acid washed and a complete facelift in order to exit the British Secret Service. Without taking these extreme measures he'd have been terminated long ago. Pointing out that British royalty was nothing more than a proxy for the Rothschild dynasty had not gone down well at No. 10, especially in the presence of her Majesty and the Prime Minister. In fact Bond was still amazed that the British coat of arms was almost exactly the same as that of the Rothschild's. Certainly that family had a long, dark history and the ugly bust of Leopold I with his deformed jaw line, the result of excessive inbreeding came to mind. Yes, the family of five arrows were masters of the craft, Machiavelli would have been proud of their achievements, especially the constant replay on 'value shift'. The debasement and devaluation of the Thaler over four hundred years and multiple generations was probably one of their crowning achievements. Value shift uses cunning debt techniques, like misrepresenting risk and selling that risk to the most vulnerable, that is the financially uneducated.

 Now the psylocibin had allowed access to dimensions beyond the standard four; dimensions replete with information that might be visible only to the subconscious. Bond waited intently for the vision quest to call.

 The straight road out of Balingup was road blocked. The officer in the long black boots was polite enough but insisted on a complete search of the car. The wild Ballingup Shroom was a popular contraband that was not tolerated by the established order so the mushroom season was punctuated by plenty of search and seizure activity. As Bond bade his farewell, safe in the knowledge that only a bowl sample would provide any evidence of his ingestion of Mycelium, he looked once more at the Insignia on the officer's cap; was the star under the crown upside down?

An entrance into the city of Perth from a trip to the South West is always entrancing. The great breadth of the Swan River bounded by the Kings Park escarpment would do justice to the expectations of even the most demanding tourist.

 Bond made his first stop at an electronics store, he needed a communication device and a Windows 7 Tablet PC with wireless would fit his research requirements perfectly. The store salesman demonstrated the media streaming capability of the tablet by launching a preview of the Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows movie, while he waxed on mournfully that this was the seventh and final edition to the long running and extremely popular series. Bond's vision quest was coming into focus.

 As a graduate of the Jesuit school, St Georges College in Zimbabwe, Bond was intimately familiar with the ways of the priesthood and had witnessed a 'dark force' pervading Christianity. The Vatican had all but spat in the face of the rest of the world by inviting that dictator and psychopath, Mugabe  to the beatification of Pope John Paul II.

An encounter with an information structure at the other end of the Mycelium Star gate  had confirmed to Bond that the secret knowledge of seven should be revealed for all to see.

 Archbishop Hickey from the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth was most amenable and eager to help Bond with his vision quest. Bond was interested in the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church as well as the seven virtues. He learned that the seven sacraments were effectively a series of initiatory rites while the seven virtues were in contrast to the seven deadly sins. Bond learned that there are four cardinal virtues, being prudence, justice, restraint and courage, plus three theological virtues of faith, hope and love. Bond was curious, were prudence and justice not one and the same? And what of freewill, truth and wisdom, where were they? Faith and hope hardly seemed to fit. The seven positive motivating spirits that Bond had encountered during his vision quest did not quite match those presented by the Archbishop. Perhaps a journey to the Seven Hills of Rome was in order.

 St George's Cathedral, consecrated in 1888 was imposing with its gothic arches and towering spiers. The Most Reverend Archbishop Adrian Herft welcomed Bond like a long lost brother. Bond enquired into the seven sacraments of the Anglican Church and discovered from Adrian that they were the same as those of the Catholic Church. He also learned that like the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church recognised seven deadly sins; anger, greed, sloth, arrogance, lust, envy and gluttony. Again, Bond was curious, were gluttony and greed not one and the same? And what of lust and envy; surely they were one and the same too? And sloth? A man without inspiration might be bereft of motivation but such a condition is surely not a great evil. What of falsehood, harmful intent, ignorance and oppression? No, these were not in the list presented by the Archbishop. The seven negative motivating spirits that Bond had encountered during his vision quest did not quite match those presented by the Most Reverend Archbishop. Perhaps a journey to St Peters, Seven Hills in New South Wales was in order.

  Now far from home, Bond's mind drifted back to his time in the British SS. He could almost smell the leather on his favourite chair in the wood panelled Athenaeum Club at 107 Pall Mall, London. He chuckled to himself as he recalled that Sherlock Holmes had frequented the Diogenes Club in the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes was quite subtle. Little did Bond know that if he were to open his Tablet PC, he could jump onto Facebook and join the game Bloodlines. Here he would find the Diogenes Club featuring again. Suddenly it struck him that it was not the smell of the leather that really stood out at the Athenaeum Club but the clock on the wall. The Club's clock which hangs above the stairs has two figure sevens and no figure eight. Those confounded Al Qaeda terrorists must have been 'taking the piss' to launch such a daring attack right in the heart of London on 7/7.

 The Weld Club in Perth was perfect for lunch. Only an invitation would get Bond in so he turned himself into a truffle and made sure that he showed up on the plate of a hungry patron. Staring out through the eyes of another was quite disconcerting, but it was the funny handshakes that really spooked him. Bond recalled that in the deep recesses of history during the dying days of the Roman Empire, there were those powerful and influential men who engaged in an early secret society bound by the Mithraic mysteries and who were 'united by the handshake'. They also had to pass through seven grades of initiation. Emperor Constantine , creator of the early Christian Church was often depicted with the Sol Invictus Headdress and left handed Swastika. There had been a clear association with solar deities and solar monism in the earliest days of the Christian Church established by the Romans. Constantine achieved unrivalled power by securing control of the church and the political system. Constantine had an unusual family tree for the leader of the Empire.

 With his vision quest well under way, Bond turned on his tablet in order to execute a search. The home page had been set to Yahoo 7. A quick search yielded some interesting information, Yahoo 7 is 50% owned by Seven West Media Limited. Seven West Media Limited is one of Australia and New Zealand's leading online media platforms holding the West Australian, nine regional radio licences and pretty much all the regional news papers. Add to this the 12.6% holding by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR). He knew all about KKR. It was nothing more than a front for Goldman Sachs. In fact the two groups share many of the same directors. KKR likes to operate under a cloak of anonymity and does a good job of hiding the true source of investment in its role of global asset manager. Goldman Sachs had also been an early stomping ground for Malcolm Turnbull, the 'would be' Australian Prime Minister with the limp handshake.

  Now, a picture of Seven West Media emerged of a Leviathan in every sense of the word completely dominating 'the message' in Western Australia. If a Leviathan was one of the seven princes of Hell represented by a seven headed serpent and the direction West, then WA was in its awful grip. Bond was startled!

 Bond loved skiing but he'd never skied with a politician. Kerry Stokes on the other hand appeared to have something that every politician wanted and had been joined at an exclusive ski resort in Europe by that Roman Catholic, Stephen Conroy for a slide down the snow. Bond could hardly believe that in a supposed democracy, a representative of the people could consort with a media mogul with a power to control 'the message'. This same man had then attempted to impose a filter on the Australian Internet incurring the wrath of the Australian net surfing community. Such treachery will never go unpunished.

The name Peter Gammell caught Bond's eye. Here was a family name Bond knew well. While Mr Kerry Stokes might be the face of Seven West Media Limited, another director, Peter Gammell, is certainly the brains and brings with him some serious connections. His father Jimmy Gammell helped Bush the Elder set up his first oil company and his brother, Sir William Bill Gammell, spent time together with George W Bush on the family farm in Scotland and at the Bushes' compound in Kennebunkport. No wonder Kerry Stokes had got KKR funding and been invited to the George Bush Honour Luncheon put on by John Howard!

 Bond was all too aware of the notoriety of 'Dubya' George W. Bush. Here was a man associated with some of the darkest days in the history of the United States, a man who presided over the Patriot Act, an assault on Freedom and a known member of Skull and Bones 322 ... 3+2+2!

 With the Secret of Seven finally discovered, Bond wondered about what the future might hold & turned to the prophecies of Star Wars. He opened a browser on his tablet and here he found that Seven & Nine marked a particularly important turning point in the future of mankind at the dawn of the new millennium ? Episode 11:59 from Star Wars at Memory Alpha 

Lord Pacal Votan had said that it is darkest before dawn and certainly the Doomsday clock had been turned on at seven minutes to midnight.

 Bond had more adventures to take and at the closing of the cycle, he saw what had been encoded about our future by the Mayan's. Just before midnight in the 'House of Eagles' marked by the northerly direction, the blood-spattered skeleton of the Fifth Lord of the Night, eater of human flesh had consecrated his reign. The high pitched shriek of Chicuatli, the screeching owl cut through the cold night air and the spiders ran out from the eye sockets of the toothy skull. Those of the Dog Sign were now well known. (The owl in the picture was seen in Myallup, Western Australia on 5 August 2011 & found dead on Saturday 6 August 2011)

We will have our freedoms!

Consort as we may with whomever we choose

Consider & discuss whatever topic we so like

We do not forgive, we do not forget

We are legion

We are anonymous!

Attack on the Control Circuit –Current Time 11.59, Space – Land of the 7 Seven Stars

As we enter the Age of Aquarius, we witness the great forces of the Universe at work; forces that have lain hidden for an age. These forces follow a primal time based archetype that has cycled through history in a fractal recursive pattern. A full understanding of the natural pattern was known of by the ancients and a story woven tightly around its structure in the narrative of gods and goddesses. The current controllers, the Holly Roman Catholic Church hides the complete narrative in the bowls of the Vatican library while supplying their own special version of the myth, especially prepared by Paul for the eyes & ears of the sheep.

The structure of the recursive time archetype is recognised in our connection with mother earth, her bounty and the sky including the sun the moon and the stars connected with our sense of time, menstrual cycles and navigation.

Today the secret, sacred serpent knowledge hidden in the 7 seven scrolls is coming out. The evil single serpent of six is being outed. In the age of eagles and skulls, in the aftermath of a blood sacrifice that spilt blood to the 4 four corners of the great mother, the entwined serpents are glowing and the left hander, out of accord, time of the green man has arrived.

Primary control points –

Energy represented by the $ and held hostage by the banking cartel and their elite cronies. Your masters! Food & fuel = stored energy or physical security.

Knowledge managed through the schooling system - The gradual transfer of education to private schools under control of the church should leave you under no misconception as to who wants to deliver the education.

Laws of the land – Review them and fight for change where necessary; they are just words after all used for some purpose or other.

Media – Ask who owns what major content distribution nodes. Learn who associates with who in the circles of the elite media masters.

Health – You think that the entwined serpents are a symbol of the sickness industry? Do not be deluded. The entwined blue serpent is a symbol of unity, balance and creative engagement. Hermes, Quetzalcoatl and many other mythical beings have been associated with this symbol of trade, union commerce & reproduction.

The Rod of Asclepius with a single serpent represents the sickness industry. It is out of balance representing dis – ease.

Ask why the dollar $ is used for trade while the symbol of trade was integrated into medicine. You will find the story buried deep within mystery and intrigue.

Plan of Attack

Step 1 – Develop self control and self knowledge. Learn how you are moved by your primal urges including reproduction, hierarchy, territory and ritual.

Step 2 - Inoculate yourself & your family against the propaganda and fear mongering of the power hungry by educating yourselves on your history and the techniques used to control you and your ancestors throughout history from the time of the dark ages and before. Control is easier if the masses are disoriented with their minds kept below their belts and brains are fed with fear mongering.

Step 3 – Share your knowledge.

Only when the last priest is strangled with the guts of the last politician will we be free.

New State - Bottom up organisation empowered by artificial intelligence optimised for individualistic, creativity and freedom.

Pluto brings forth the revolutionaries, ready to tear down the frayed old structure in order for a new one to emerge. They come not in their ones or twos but in their legions.

Further information on the control circuit -

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