C2030 Perth - Big picture ideas

Big picture ideas for Western Australia were presented by Brett McCarthy, The West Australian, Steve Woodland, State Government Architect, Alan R Dodge AM and Elizabeth Shaw, UN Youth Ambassador
  • Perth should be home to more scientific bodies
  • High speed trains with monorails linking major centres away from the central rail network including the airport, universities and city centres
  • Cultural centre on the Indian Ocean rim
  • World centre of indigenous culture
  • River of lights along the river
  • Mix of retail, residential and business in the CBD
  • Make Perth attractive for the type of people we want here including innovative, community minded people
  • Home to international students from around the world
  • Retain people with quality of life & critical mass
  • Adapt time to our needs. Longer opening hours for shops & cultural centres given our long working days
  • Bold leadership required
  • Link Kings Park to the city of Perth
  • Develop a sense of identity
  • Change collective mindset to say yes more often
  • Look to the future
  • Develop Cottesloe foreshore


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