A drying climate - a new mindset required

CSIRO have completed short term water supply & demand modelling for Western Australia covering the next twenty years and the scenario is frightening. Surface water running into dams & rivers could reduce by up to 50%, the Gnangara Mound faces a one third decline by 2030 and rainfall is expected to fall by another 7% after falling by 15% since 1970. With the forecast extreme climate changes and significant population growth there could be a water deficit of 250 gigalitres per annum. Unless energy costs fall significantly, converting sea water to drinkable water will mean much higher costs for our water.

Market forces will probably lead to adaptation in the way that West Australians live, particularly in relation to the size and design of our dwellings and their garden surroundings. Lawns & European style gardens will need to make way for desert, Mexican & native gardens as well as synthetic lawns.


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