The Finks are in Perth. Are we terrified?

The police follow & harass the group, exposing these individuals to behaviour that would be abhorred if it was directed at any other individual or group in the community.

The police want more powers to deal with the criminal element inside these gangs but we will be forced to sacrifice more civil liberties for all in order to provide those additional powers. Liberties do not come without a cost. Sometimes the cost is accepting that certain individuals &/or groups will find ways to control arbitrage situations associated with banned activities/behaviour/psycoactives.

There is always a ‘grey space’ that connects law enforcement and the bad guys. Take a look in the 'grey space' these two groups share.

  • The wearing of patches & badges
  • Initiation/passing out ceremonies’
  • Ability to project power & control
  • Desire for control
  • Association with negative events including violence and death

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