Cultural Connectivity & the Singularity


The Singularity is an emergent term that has been coined at a time of immense technological change, when our everyday realities become increasingly impermanent and transient.

The concept of a Singularity has until recently been used to describe a point where spacetime becomes so warped by the force of gravity that information cannot escape and the event horizon becomes empty or black. The use of the word Singularity in relation to technological change is a metaphor for the true use of the word and does a good job in helping us to imagine technological change that is so radical that it becomes increasingly hard to predict the future. It is worth remembering that only a few generations ago, one could pass through life without experiencing any significant technological change.

One of the primary areas where we experience technological change in our immediate environments is in our relationship with media, communication and the associated connectivity to our fellow humans around the memes and ideas that spew forth endlessly. We enjoy a communion of ideas in the medium of the internet.

Now while it is easy to focus on the new technologies with all their wiz bang features, it is harder to spot the seething undercurrents in the global psyche that look a lot like an emergent property. Up until only a few decades ago most informing was done with the aid of the passive medium of television and newspapers that relied on powerful elites for their reach. Now, even while mass market media still dominates even on the internet, the cracks are emerging and centres of influence are losing their grip. In a network without a centre, the hot fires of competition & lack of respect for intellectual property are setting fire to established power structures.

The new emergent mind is dreaming a thousand dreams and those dreams are infused with our passions, fears, hopes and archetypes. For the watcher, the density of exploration of ideas, even on the fringe seems to spark with apparent synchronicity.

For those who might choose to focus primarily on the physical phenomena associated with the singularity, the rich, multi dimensional psychic changes experienced by the masses as we are hurled into the future might go unnoticed, at least for a while.

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