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The occult is the hidden world of magic that underlies our everyday reality. This magic is not the magic you associate with witches & goblins; this is the magic of words, deeds & symbols that are used to control the average person's reality. As strange as this may sound, take a moment to consider the nature of your everyday reality. Other than the forces of nature such as the weather, day & night and the seasons, what else influences your life? What about words & symbols? Yes, these are the features of your reality that have absolute dominion over your life after natural forces. Typically, the words of law will guide your interaction with your fellow man and corporations. The word of God will guide your interaction with your spirituality. The $ (what a symbol!), will guide your reality with the world of scarcity. The words and deeds of the stars will be especially powerful in guiding your children's moral code.

So the occult is where you find the hidden source of this knowledge of control associated with manipulating words, symbols & deeds to exert an effect on groups of individuals and achieve a desired behavioural outcome.

It is not hard to find the well head from which these words & deeds spill forth, the school, the media, the political system and the legal system.

Take some time to search back in history and you can trace a path forward in time to find the controllers of this occult knowledge that rules your world. The controllers are not totally invisible and leave footprints wherever they go. If you live in Western Australia, I suggest a visit to the Kings Park in Perth. Walk around and explore this magnificent park that honours the deaths of thousands of young men and women who died in war. The war memorial resonates with occult power from the giant obelisk that dominates the park to the many other monuments.

The obelisk is also a powerful symbolic feature in London, Canberra, New York & Rome and can be traced back to the sun cult of Akhenaten. This Atenist cult is alive and well today, ruling over your reality.

Search Google images for Akhenaten & Kings Park Perth or Kings Park War Memorial for some interesting images.

Do your own research. The matrix can be deciphered.

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