2012 & Phase Transition


Where ever I look I see evidence of radical transformation. On the one hand we can witness severe degradation of our ecosystems. Over the next few decades water is going to become even more prized than it is today, Abalone farms get hit with disease, fish stocks are further depleted and Africa’s wildlife is threatened. On the other hand, the pace of technological change is increasing. Nano tech & bio tech are here, machine intelligence is emerging in unexpected forms. As in District 9, the human is coming face to face with an alien and that alien is us....a strange creature, active, intelligent and driven by emotion and archetype, able to transcend duality but disinclined for the most part.

In a land of super intelligence and hyper speed, what is the human? Without augmentation he is a mere spectator, increasingly prone to bouts of physical & psychological ailments, constantly medicated by the Technium. 2012 is a good place to mark an intersection where we find evidence of the man machine merger; not at a physical level, but at the psychic or information level on the back of semantics and syntax.

Lord Pacal Votan made the statement that “All is Number”.  As a master mathematician, astronomer & astrologer, he was keenly aware of the fabric of space time that yielded to number.

Terrance McKenna, psychonaut, botanist and probably the greatest thinker of modern times, made the statement that “All is syntax”.

Both Lord Pacal Votan & Terrence McKenna, positioned as we are, shortly after 2012 with the emergence of human/machine syntax engines including RDF/OWL and XBRL would be in awe as the human and machine are symbiotically connected through syntax and semantics.

The Mayan Calendar marks this time of transition more precisely – 21 December 2012.

Carlos Castaneda said that the world arises from the syntax of our mothers tongue. We talk about birth and death. Our syntax defies us to conceive of a different syntax. One where beginnings and endings are transcended by intensity.

In A Space Odyssey 2001, Stanley Kubrick provides us with an encounter of man & alien, the alien is non-other than the AI.

Some interesting events from 2012 –

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